Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit silent

I haven't been updating my blog lately - I know it. But the reason is I've put my Cadillac drawing on hold - it began to get a bit on my nerves. I do intend to return to it later on, but for now I need a break from it ! And at the same time a new idea demanded to be tested. Well, I tested - and it just didn't work out as I imagined. That just happens sometimes. I am not the kind of person who can work on more drawings/paintings at the same time. It just makes me less concentrated. So - I've started out a new drawing - so far an outline. It has taken me quite a while - gathering photoreferences, setting up a composition in thumbnail (the easy part), making it look fine also in scaled size -, but the lines are on the good paper now. I really hope this will work out: I feel I have used quite a lot of time not getting anywhere, especially due to the failed idea before this one.
I'll put something on the blog later, when I get the feeling this one is gonna work out.

Perfect stripes - Zebra - wip

This is very early stages of what I am jumping into next. I really want to make some large animal-artworks, and for that reason I'm ...