Thursday, March 06, 2008

Amazonas - the Roof

I had this idea of drawing and painting motifs from the Rainforest. In this case it is from Amazonas. On the thumbnail my idea is sketched in small format. I have photos from a rainforest-zoo and ordinary zoo that I used for reference. Then I composed the view. I really wanted to show that we look at the top of the trees, hence the title : "Amazonas - The Roof".
I find the sloth a very strange and interesting animal and wanted to draw it. The parrots with their beautiful colors are painted as a pair, to balance with the larger sloth.
I underpainted with watersoluble colored pencil - dark sepia, and then layers of ordinary cp's on top. Size is 21 x 35 centimetre.

Lotus - Botanical Beauties - finished

Mit akvarelmaleri "Lotus" er færdigt. Serie: Botanical Beauties Jeg har nydt at male lotus blade, frøstande og blomster. Mot...