Saturday, August 26, 2006

PORTRAIT of Norwegian Buhund - WIP

I am currently working on a portrait of my own dog. She is a Norwegian Buhund, named Björka. She is an elderly lady of 10 ½ years. She is such a lovely companion.
I paint the portrait in colored pencils. This is mostly Derwent Artist pencils, with a few FaberCastell Polychromos and Karisma also. But it was my idea to make some drawings in 1-2 brands and because Karisma is soon gonna dissapear from the european marked as artsuppliers run dry, I have to build up my supplies with other brands. I have access to these 2 brands in open stock, which is what I want. And I like them even rather different from Karisma pencils.
the paper is rather smooth, but still takes some layers. And the DWA and FC P sticks fine to it.
Here is an update, with the finished portrait

Run Wild IV

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