Sunday, January 13, 2019

Spoonflower patterndesign

My Spoonflower entry in the Animal Print challenge, was Zebrafamily on a beige background. Here you can see the fabric with blue background on this little model :) My Spoonflower shop is not up and running yet, but you can see a couple of designs so far:

Two of a kind - jaguars

Wild cats are among the most beautiful and wonderful animals of the wilderness. Here I painted the jaguar in 2 furcolors, spots and black. I call it "Two of a kind", and I love the intense gaze they have. The drawing is from 2008, you can see drawing-steps here: #feline #wildlife#cats #society6artist #redbubbleartist #colorfulwalls

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Spoonflower challenges

Spoonflower - each week there is a new challenge on Spoonflower, to design a fabric. The challenge this week is "Animal print". If you want to vote follow the link. If you click the heart below images you "Like" it and click the left side of image to "vote". You can like and vote as many designs as you like. Voting closes january 15. - this is my entry :)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Found from Koh-i-noor

Funny what you can dig up from 8 years ago on Facebook. This popped up from Koh-i-noors page, showcasing my pastelpainting "the little One". I still like the painting and reminds me how long time since I have been drawing or painting horsesūüėä

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Pelican in your bag ?

I remember seeing these great birds at the coastline of California - wauu. That inspired me years later to paint that bird.
Can you have a pelican in your bag - of cause. And the amazing bird can sit pretty in your house too is your supplier.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Labrador portræt

Tegnebordet lige nu. En dejlig gul labrador, F√łnix, er min model  Det er f√łrste af to portr√¶tter jeg har p√• min liste.

Monday, January 07, 2019

I love Notebooks

Jeg er stor fan af notesb√łger. Og det betyder rigtigt meget, at jeg finder omslaget smukt og interessant. Om der skal v√¶re linjer eller ej, afh√¶nger af form√•let.

Ved du, at min Doggyshop har flotte notesb√łger med hundemotiver p√• omslaget? 

Det kunne v√¶re til en dagbog om oplevelser med din hund, jeres konkurrenceresultater eller alt du har brug for at skrive om :) 

På Society6 Doggyshop notesbog med 52 sider og 70 gram kvalitetspapir, softcover og fåes både med linjer og blanke sider.
Find din nye notesbog her

P√• Redbubble Doggyshop notesbog med ringbinding, 120 sider og 90 gram kvalitetspapir., med linjer eller kvadreret. Eller hardcover notes, 128 sider, med linjer, kvadreret eller blanke sider. Find din nye notesbog her


I'm a big fan of notebooks. And it at really does matter how the cover looks, it must be beautiful and interesting. Whether or not there should be lines depends on the purpose.

Do you know that my Doggyshop has beautiful notebooks with dog motifs on the cover?

It could be for a diary of experiences with your dog, your competition results or anything you need to write about :)

On the Society6 Doggyshop notebook with 52 pages and 70 grams of quality paper, softcover and available with lines and blank pages.
Find your new notebook  here

On the Redbubble Doggyshop notebook with ring binding, 120 pages and 90 grams of quality paper, with lines or squared. Or hardcover notes, 128 pages, with lines, squared or blank pages. Find your new notebook here

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Animals or Flowers ?

Animals or Flowers ?

 I want to make as much as possible of my artwork avaliable for custumors. 

I have my Doggyshops of cause (and thank you for visiting and buying ), but I do make other images too. 

On Society6 I have a collection of "Animals on visit" and now I have new collections on Redbubble - Botanical garden and Animalzoo. 

Please visit, if you are interested in animal and botanical designs  The shop will be added much more designs asap