Friday, August 28, 2015

2016 pin-up kalender

Som tidligere nævnt kommer der også i år, en pin-up kalender fra mig. Denne gang viser de søde piger sig i astrologiens soltegn. (Kalenderen følger kalendermåneden). Her kan du se Fisken for marts heart-humørikon Jeg regner med at få startet op i september. Måske en fødselsdags-, julegaveide til veninden - ud over den til dig selv selvfølgelig wink-humørikon Senere følger et opslag med oversigt over alle 12 måneder

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Horsy shop

Do you know that I have a Horserelated shop at Society6 ?
If you like stuff with equine decoration you have to check it out:

It is promotion time, be sure to get the daily offers - look at my facebook:

The daily promotion item and code is the same in each shop: also my Lenedaugaardartwork shop

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nature Shapes I and II

Working on the on-line course with Diane Culhane, heres 2 paintings I did, using pen and acrylic. I really enjoy the mix. This feels like an "entry" into abstraction for me. Working with the grid-composition makes it more manageableI think :) 30x30 cm.
Both paintings are for sale. Look at my Original-for-sale page here

Monday, August 24, 2015

Promotion time at Society6

Now its time to get promotion-offers at Society6.

August 24. at 12.00 am PST: 15% off Artprints. You got 24 hours from start to get it :)
Use the promo-code: "5PRINT" at check out :)

Soon its time to order your favorite Laptop sleeves and Phone cases as you will save $ 5 per item.
Starts august 25. at 12.00 am PST - and 24 hours till it ends !!
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I have 3 shops - so visit your favorite(s) shop(s). I am sure you'll find something you cannot live without :)




Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hundene // The dogs

Jeg har nu 33 racer på min - en liste med stort potentiale for at vokse sig meget større, da der er mere end 400 i verden smile-humørikon Kigger du på min shop, vil du se et lille hjerte ved billederne. Jeg vil virkelig blive glad hvis "mine hunde" havde endnu flere hjerte-klik end nu, så de bliver endnu mere sete. Kan jeg bede dig kigge og klikke på din(e) favorit(ter). Du skal klikke på billedet/billederne, så de åbner op i større, før du kan "stemme". Du vil være anonym. Tak for hjælpen :)

I now have 33 breeds on my - a list with much potential to grow even larger, as there are more than 400 around the world smile-humørikon If you take a look at my shop, you'll notice a little heart along the pictures. I would so much love "my dogs" to have much more heart-clicks than now, so that they will get even more notice. Can I ask you to go and click your favorite(s) ? You must click on the pictures to enlarge, before you can "vote". You will be anonymous. Thanks for helping me 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Doodles with Diane Culhane

I have just started (a selfstudy) course from Diane Culhane. I also took a course by her in 2013, and I think she is very inspirational and proficient.

This first assignment is about doodeling. I don't doodle that much in the manner she explanins. I do small sketches just for fun, but not often the unconsciously doodles, that means drawing when talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to a lecture etc. I must try if I can do those more, but I think my small sketches will be usable too :) Actually this kind of doodeling was a thing I did before we got the cellphone ! - talking in an ordinary phone, you are bound to a place, and that made me doodle ... hmmm.. funny how this has changed without me notice it at all.

The sketches above are very small ink/pen drawings I just" let out" in a sketchbook - I have several books, and I should have been more strict using them in a chronologically manner. Instead my sketches spread out with no order in several books. Not a good thing for my muddled head. I am a list-o-mania. It is so, because my head is muddled - not the other way around: making lists because there are order in my head ;0 Anyway....
I prefer books with a ringbound - they are easy to flip and look through, and I can occasionally dismiss a page ;)
I'll keep you updated on my progress with this course :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Chow chow finished

Her den færdige tegning af chow chow.