Friday, April 06, 2018

Where to get the gorgeous goods

I love to add new stuff to my shops - here the latest dogs: doberman and whippet - aren't they gorgeous on mugs? Of cause you can get them on multiple goods.

Doggyshop Society6 and Redbubble (lots of stuff in both and not the same stuff ;)

...and then just a little note about visiting my Doggyshops:

When you land on is advisable to click on COLLECTIONS just beneath the top-banner. Then you can have a better view of all images, sorted out in collections. Choosing a design, will then show you the items to purchase.

When you land on Redbubble you will instantly see my collections on right hand coloumn. Choosing a design from a collection, will then show you the items to purchase.

Beside adding new dog-motifs, I also started doing a little more description on my images. I am not an expert on all dogbreeds, but I gather the info from some of my dog-books. Just for interest, hope you like that. By the way, you can see just above that Society6 shows other stuff with the dog you look at.
I will be writing these describtions in Redbubble too. Hope to see you in Doggyshop <3 p="">