Friday, January 13, 2017

Poppies in glass vase - finished

I have finished the painting "Poppies in glass vase".
You can see I changed colors, I found the blue cloth didn't stand out enough, I also added subjects that is not on my sketch.

My intentions (I want to get in the habit of writing an intention down, and it seems like a fine idea as I can use it to evaluate my work), was to paint "a colorful,  busy painting, with exciting lines, abstracting and distortion of perspective".

I think my painting is colorful - in a complementary triad (red-orange and blue-green) - and it is busy too. The 3 poppies placed in a glass vase, surrounded with abstracted bottles, fabrics/tablecloth, a chair).
I didn't add much lines - and that has to do with both the support and the composition. It is much easier to make lines on paper than on this canvas, and I didn't really find a relevant place for it, although the definition of the flowers and the small bottles shapes are outlined.
I have disorted the perspective, easy to be seen in the bottle on right side.

I show you some details of the painting, I love the transparency of watercolors, and the lovely edges and runs they make by themselves.  I am happy with the painting.

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