Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dogs - zebra - chameleons - cow

... are the animals I sell on prints on Etsy untill medio of august.
I really hope my etsy-store are going to be more known. I like the place, but my succes as a shopowner are poor ... but it is also a new shop, so perhaps time will help. I do believe Etsy is a succes for many shops.

The best sale places I have are  Society6 - prints made by society6. My prints there are not the same as in the other places, as you will see if you take a look. They offer different sizes than in my other shops and the option of framing. Other items like t-shirts, mugs etc. are also avaliable.

I also sell from my own homepage. Like the prints on my Etsy-store I print or have prints made myself.

My danish webshop Tegneriet also did some sales.

Trying to sell from my facebook artpage: has not been very succesfull either. Ps. please drop by my page, and use the Like thumb - if you like of cause :)

One thing about having more sales-windows is of cause to be seen (hopefully). Also buyers in different countries prefer different shops and way of payment...and the prints are not all the same.

If you want to see my collection and perhaps purchase a print - please look into the shops above.

... and of cause ... I have many more animals and other subjects on print :)

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