Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review 2010

Once again a year has passed surprinsingly fast as we soon hit 31. december! As I've done before at this time of year, I've found my plans, dusted it off and re-read, with the intention to see how I did.

And once again I must admit that making plans are one thing, following them are another.

A goal I made in 2009 was to participate in shows and competitions either on-line or in RL. I entered 14 shows online. I did not find any local shows to enter.


April: my graphite drawing “Mille - poodle” got a 12. place in Guestgallery’s International artshow: Realism. A show with hundredes of entries. Votes by public.

Juni: My oilpastel painting “He’s my Favorite” - jutland horse, got a 2. plads i Fine Art America Online competion: “Magical horse”. Votes by public.

Juni: My graphitedrawing “Playtime?” got a 4. place in Fine Art America Online competion: “Dogs”. Votes by public.

It seems the public liked my work more that judges. I entered a couple of judged shows, but didn't make it.

I used my sketchbook more this year. Even it hasn’t become a habit yet, I am satisfied so far. I also came up with a montly workplan that satisfied me, making it much easier to stay focused.

I build sites with sale of originals, prints as well as items with my prints on it. Especially I am happy with my printsales.

I contacted an artgroup in my area and was accepted as a member. That means groupvisits to artgalleries and musems and also participation in their yearly show at Easter. I look forward to that in 2011.

I did quite a bit of computerdrawings for my new blog Tegneriet and my new pin-up blog.

As mentioned above I started 2 new blogs. Both my A Zoo blog and homepage got tranlated into a danish version. I also started the danish blog Tegneriet and a pin-up blog.

I held a portraitcompetition for my readers and had a great response. I loved to draw the winner in graphite: The lovely dalmatian Sigurd. A competition for viewers/readers to win a print did not work at all.
I closed down my petcommission site, and have not decided yet to re-open it, as I have a lot to work on otherwise. I might repeat the competition mentioned above, though.
Working in series was also a goal, but I just completed one new for my Chameleon-serie. I am not too satisfied with that number!
And now off to look at the 2011 plan!

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