Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plans for 2011

The first thing I did for 2011 artwise, was to alter the construction of the year-plan. So applying more steps, but only 1-2 sentence per step looks more simplified, easier to read. I then, hope I will manage to re-read it more often than I did my 2010 plan!


Again: I have to limit time on PC! I am going to follow specific sites and maintain my own, but otherwise...

In 2010 I managed to make a montly workplan that actually worked for me. It seems to me, that the way written things are constructed means a whole lot for succes or failure for me.
I am certainly going to use this again.
I don't know how other artists do this, but I have so very many ideas and plans, that if I don't make some kind of plan I will go nuts.

Working in series. This is also very important for me to remember. I am a person that can be easily distracted (born in gemini might cause this ;)) and I must admit, that my eager to try out a lot of things, works against this goal. That is also why my idea of a calender is not yet a reality. Even I did make a tablecalender for 2009, I want to make a calender with more similar images than all kinds of animals.

My printsales has been going up, so try to keep it up.

I like to enter competitions and shows, but I am often out a bit late, even missing some deadlines. I will try to be more organized here too.

Now that I am joining an artclub, I'll have at least one pathway to exhibit. And I should do more in the exhibit direction - contact possible places.

I will increase my activity on my facebook artsite. I've been concentrating mostly on my homepage and blogs, neglecting FB a bit. That must change.

Summing it up :

Off the computer and go to the drawingtable

Use the new montly plan for what to do and use deadlines

Work in series, possibly for a calender

Advertise for prints, cards and originals

Start drawings or paintings for competitions/shows as early as possible

Exhibit locally = contact possible places

Use Facebook artpage even more

With this I look forward to a new year and I also wish all of my fellow artistfriends a fruitful and happy year with your artwork.

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