Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eyes of the Wildernes I - Wolf

As I've changed the banner to this wolf drawing I better show you a small wip.
The drawing has an underpainting with inktense pencils. They are to be used as watersoluble colored pencils, and are very saturated in colors. But they are ink and therefor permanent.
Here you can first see my underpainting with inktense and then the finished drawing with colored pencils added. The paper is Artspectrum Colorfix, original a pastel paper with a lot of tooth, but I liked it for colored pencils as well.
Story behind the picture:
This wolf with his glowing eyes and diverse fur (due to shedding) really caught my attention and it is my intention to show the viewer a look of the wild beast within this magnificent animal.

Perfect stripes - Zebra - wip

This is very early stages of what I am jumping into next. I really want to make some large animal-artworks, and for that reason I'm ...