Friday, December 05, 2008

loose watercolor - grand danios

Hi. As I wrote in my last post I am doing some "loose" watercolorpaintings at the moment. I really enjoyed the "freedom" of this kind of painting style. Well, do not get me wrong. A strong drawing is needed to keep the basic shapes fine. Some pencil-lines can be seen on this, but I love the look of delicate pencilstrokes together with watercolor, so that is another nice thing about this less realistic style.

I have for the first time used watercolor boards, and I love it. I can only get Reeves Bockingford watercolor boards where I live, and they are great.
I hope you like the look of this, as I am certainly gonna paint more like this...
Story behind the picture:
"At a dogshow with the Danish Kennelclub I took several pictures of Grand danios' which I think are beautiful dogs. This painting is a mix of 2 pictures. I hope the painting shows the strength, beauty and attitude of this majestic breed."

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