Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gap in postings !

Now, why these gaps in my postings ? (like between my latest 2 postings)...As I want to keep my art-blogs about art and nothing else - I can still answer this, because it has to do with art. Not that I haven't worked on art (even not as much as I want to !) - but now and then you just make something that wasn't worth the effort. I mean, spending a lot of hours, not willing to give it up, but in the end have to realize; not for public view ! Still, art-wise, these occasionally disasters can be a learning-step as well as succesfull pieces. Therefor I don't throw out such drawings or paintings. Nevertheless, just a bit unsatisfied with the hours spend..
After that last disapointment I had 20 (!) days not being at my drawingtable. Horrible for my state of mind I tell you ! I then finished the "Black Chevy" you can see in my last post and finally started a new drawing .... hopefully next time, I can post before a month from now !

Perfect stripes - Zebra - wip

This is very early stages of what I am jumping into next. I really want to make some large animal-artworks, and for that reason I'm ...